State of the Art Grooming Vans

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Our vans

  • Our new, State of the Art fleet of Mobile Dog Grooming salon allows us to fully accommodate you and your pet.

  •  Our fleet of new mobile grooming salons ensures reliability and convenience

  • All of our vans are equipped with real time GPS capabilities to ensure efficiency and punctuality,

  • Your pet is always bathed in soothing, relaxing, clean, warm water. With a water heater and a 55-gallon tank of fresh water, we’ll never run out of clean, warm water. After the dog is washed that water flows into and is held in our other 55-gallon tank reserved for grey water only. We never recycle water.

  • Full ventilation with a consistent flow of fresh natural air from our 3-roof vent

  • Climate controlled, air-conditioned comfort

  • The dependable power of our quiet, 7500-watt generator, plus a backup, and even the reliability of a third option of connecting to an outlet

  • Smooth, easy access for your pouch or pup to step straight from the table into the tub


More reason to Choose Mobile Grooming...

  • Personal, one on one, TLC

  • No carsick rides

  • Save Gas

  • No cages

  • No separation anxiety

  • No contact with other animals.

  • No pickup and delivery times

  • No Stress

  • Fully Insured

  • Family Owned

  • Climate controlled, Mobile, state of the art facility

  • Top of the line biodegradable products

  • Experienced with older pets with physical difficulties, skittish rescue dogs, epileptic dogs and dogs with other health issues

  • Fast and convenient, dogs are groomed between 45 min to 2 hours max

  • Towels are changed daily.

  • Years of experience in styling and grooming pets.

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